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1064 Cargo Rd
Lidster, NSW, 2800


CARGO ROAD WINES is a small vineyard located 860 meters above sea level, on the sheltered northern slopes of Mount Canobolas, Orange, in central western NSW. 



Wine club

Enjoy many benefits of joining our Wine Club

As a Cargo Road Wine Club Member you will benefit by:

  • purchasing quality Cargo Road wine each year at generously discounted prices
  • Locking in current discounted wine prices when you join 20% approx.
  • Receiving free delivery of your cases of wine in Australia
  • Receiving a thirteenth bottle for each dozen
  • Being able to create your own mixed dozen to suit your needs
  • Being assured to receive your allocation of wine ahead of the general public
  • Receiving invitations to all events @ Cargo Road Winery
  • Being invited to wine dinners at top restaurants
  • Being able to order ahead for special occasions (birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas)

To enjoy these benefits and become a club member you will need to:

  • Agree to take at least 2 cases of Cargo Road wine each year
  • Nominate how many cases of wine you would like to receive each year
  • Indicate the month you would like to receive you Cargo Road wine
  • Choose your mix of wine varieties
  • Complete the credit card details in the form below to enable us to debit your credit card each time you receive your wine.

Become a Cargo Road Wine Club Member by completing the form below: