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1064 Cargo Rd
Lidster, NSW, 2800


CARGO ROAD WINES is a small vineyard located 860 meters above sea level, on the sheltered northern slopes of Mount Canobolas, Orange, in central western NSW. 



2013 Moscato

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Most of our wines are made in a 'drink-now' style, which means that when we release them they can be enjoyed straight away. If you wish to cellar the wines, our recommendations are given for each variety.

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2013 Moscato

sav pos.jpg
sav pos.jpg

2013 Moscato


The Moscato has fresh fruity lychee musk ripe fruit flavours. 

Great with white fish or any seafood, spicy foods or anything with a lot of mushrooms in it. Or just on it’s own and enjoy!

 9,0% Vol/Alc  |  750 ml   | Standard drinks 6.2 



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